Thursday, December 8, 2011

Just In Time for Your Holiday Reading Enjoyment

Christmas Hearts by A.M. Wells

Price: $0.99
Length: Short Story


All Ernestine wants for Christmas is John. Except he's the boss and won't be tempted.

There's nothing like a little office romance to warm up the Holidays.


"Good morning, Ms. Townsend."
"Mr. Porter."

Ouch, John felt the sting in the coolness of her tone. He wondered if he should exercise caution before accepting the steaming cup of coffee she'd gotten up, poured, and now held out to him.

"Just the way you like it, sir," Ernestine couldn't help remark after noticing how he stared down into the cup. Yes, the thought had briefly crossed her mind. But no matter how infuriating she found his seemly blissful ignorance, she'd never harm him. Something he should have the good sense to know after all this time.

"Of course it is. Thank you." John gave her a semblance of a smile then reached for the cup of coffee.
Their fingers touched. Her gaze locked with his for several heartbeats as a familiar longing took hold causing her knees to wobble like Jell-O. To steady herself, she leaned against her desk for support.

With each day that passed, it was becoming impossible for her not to want him, much less continue to contain it all within an air of professionalism. How was it, Ernestine silently groaned that he really had no clue how much she desired at that very moment for him to... "Just take me."

"What, what did you say?"