Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Susanna's Heart - Book Trailer

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Hi Ms Wells
I'm loving this trailer, can't wait to read Susanna's Heart.
On your site a couple of years ago you had a few chapters of a book you were writing call "Road to Damascus"(I think that was the title)and I was wondering was it published?, because I loved what you had posted and have just been waiting to to read anything by you(I intend to be a big fan)and when I saw this and I got so excited for you. Congrats!! and many many sales.
I'm excited!
Stephanie Kelly

A.M. Wells said...


No, Road to Damascus has not been published yet, it's still in WIP pile.

Thank you, I'm sitting here with a big grin on my face.


Lisa G. said...

Okay, Ms. Wells. Unfortunately my computer is an antiquated piece of **** that needs to be relegated to the junk heap, so I can't watch your trailer. It would take me from now until the end of the day just to see it in its entirety.

However, judging from your previous work, I'm sure this is excellent. Congratulations!

Lisa G.